About Claudio Family Cellars

After many years of crafting home wines, Claudio Family Cellars was created in 2021 as a small production, small lot, boutique style winery, with a mission to produce wines that appeal to a broad spectrum of new and experienced customers. With an intention to appeal to a younger audience, the wines present a fresh fruit component at the front of the palate. This early fruit component is then followed by the expression of expansive flavors, structured tannins and a pleasant mouthfeel to capture the varietal character of the fruit in the finished wine.

" Simplicity and minimal intervention in the winery in order to allow the wine to showcase the fruit"


About The Winemaker

Christopher Jones

Beginning with home winemaking experiences starting in 1998, the journey into professional winemaking began in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, as a harvest cellar worker at Gravity Wine House in 2021, followed by an internship with Sojourn Cellars in 2022. During the 2021 and 2022 harvests Chris also processed the 2021 and 2022 wines for the Claudio Family Cellars label. During this time hands on experience and mentoring was augmented with chemistry and winemaking courses taken through the University of California, Davis, extension program in Viticulture and Enology.

With an increase in varieties and quantities to process, for the 2023 harvest Chris will apply all of his efforts to winemaking operations for the Claudio Family cellars label. The winemaking operation has also moved, with home now being Auburn James Winery, located in St. Helena, Napa Valley.